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eat.sleep.PLAY.repeat is a 2D adventure game about the life of a hikikomori - people who isolate and confine themselves from the world, withdrawn from social life - and how he wants to break free of the depressing cycle of his life.

eat.sleep.PLAY.repeat was made for Extra Credits Game Jam #3. We hope you enjoy our game! Unfortunately, we weren't able to finish it because 4 out of 6 of our developers fell ill on the first day. But we managed to finish a working prototype with most of the mechanics, but it's far from a finished game. However, we learnt a lot from the game jam! We thank anyone who helped us, who took the time to open and read this page, and to anyone who tried the prototype!


Hikikomori (Japanese: ひきこもり or 引き籠もり) are people who withdraw from social life. They isolate and confine themselves, usually in their rooms, for months or years on end, almost never venturing outside unless they really need to. They do this as a response to the pressures of the outside world.

eat.sleep.PLAY.repeat tells the story of one such person, 22-year old college dropout Takeru Miyazaki. Takeru has three needs: Hunger, Energy, and Fun! Balance which ones you need to fulfill now and which ones later. And ultimately, how do you break free of that depressing cycle?


  • Click with your mouse/touchpad!

Made by Faberwerks

  • Abia P. Herlianto (Phobez) - Producer, Designer, Dialogue Writer
  • Adhiwira Lokacarya (likamu) - Programmer
  • Jerico (LuceMarvell) - Artist
  • Nico Adicius (KiriyaNico) - Artist
  • William Sebastian (zalant) - Designer, Dialogue Writer
  • Yosua Maselyno (Crouston) - Programmer

Special thanks to another Faberwerks member:

Also thanks to:

  • Gilbert Chandra, for being our punching bag*

No actual Gilberts were harmed during the production of this game.


ESPR-Prototype.zip 29 MB

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